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  Volume III, Issue II

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  Joel Chace
  Dome Bulfaro
      Vertebral column 
      Feet phalanges of Simo in flight 
      Knees without ligaments 
  Jeremy James Thompson
  Jen Nellis 
  Lynn Strongin 
  Dan Fisher 
  Scott Bentley
  Laurel DeCou 
  Anne Heide 

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  Reed Kellman
  Clint Koltviet
  Kane X. Faucher

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  Jeremy James Thompson
  Chad Lietz 
  Thierry Brunet
  William Moor 
  Spencer Selby  

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  Contributor's Notes

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  Volume II, Issue II
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Feet phalanges of Simo in flight
Find #16

Dome Bulfaro


Simo excluded; from blue; sound

never hit the ground; but gave; laws

for lovers; one serves as the pair; of bones

neon and machete; warp cross-wise; the threshold

away from Good and Evil; by others chiseled


Simo, rebel being; organ for toccata

Bach backwards; pipes between fingers; and ankle

funambulic; a fugue of notes; fixed

fugist; tuned; to the foot

that not even God; will stomp; any more


Trans. Christopher Arigo


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