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  Volume III, Issue II

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  Joel Chace
  Dome Bulfaro
      Vertebral column 
      Feet phalanges of Simo in flight 
      Knees without ligaments 
  Jeremy James Thompson
  Jen Nellis 
  Lynn Strongin 
  Dan Fisher 
  Scott Bentley
  Laurel DeCou 
  Anne Heide 

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  Reed Kellman
  Clint Koltviet
  Kane X. Faucher

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  Jeremy James Thompson
  Chad Lietz 
  Thierry Brunet
  William Moor 
  Spencer Selby  

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  Contributor's Notes

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  Volume I, Issue I
  Volume I, Issue II
  Volume II, Issue I
  Volume II, Issue II
  Volume III, Issue I


Knees without ligaments
Find #13

Dome Bulfaro


Now incarnate in Trasimeno she makes an oar out of her femur then

a stone out of her kneecap signaling her desire to me

from out of her tibia a flute that enables our telecommunication

from her fibula an anchor that pierces my heart like a lance


Agilla, lake-bodied nymph, I sink in your depths and settle on your womb's bottom

like a baby, like a foundering suicide boat. Cling

to my body's bow like a figurehead and after, my compatriots start to call:

I look up, I see legs, and I talk to you like a sailor long away from home


Trans. Christopher Arigo


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