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  Volume III, Issue II

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  Joel Chace
  Dome Bulfaro
  Jeremy James Thompson
  Jen Nellis 
  Lynn Strongin
      Twin tan dogs, Obedience
      Lace & Wool 
  Dan Fisher 
  Scott Bentley
  Laurel DeCou 
  Anne Heide 

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  Reed Kellman
  Clint Koltviet
  Kane X. Faucher

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  Jeremy James Thompson
  Chad Lietz
  Thierry Brunet
  William Moor
  Spencer Selby  

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  Volume I, Issue I
  Volume I, Issue II
  Volume II, Issue I
  Volume II, Issue II
  Volume III, Issue I


Lace & Wool
Lynn Strongin


The night I was stricken
Struck much     fused out brain

The city was picked with holes:

The blanket
Thrown over me was wool. The virus was

Like a hot iron
Leaving its isosceles triangle singe.

But riding in a trolley
Up to isolation

Past children in striker frames
This was not a slow burn situation

This was ignition


My legs were to become
Thin as the stick figures

My vision
Sharp as the lung which glinted in the right corner stage of the 
room near curtains.


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