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Stress Test
Emileigh Barnes


(Plausible alloy results from the Charpy impact strain-rate test)
Emileigh Barnes, Stress Test

a) brittle fracture b) ductile fracture c) completely ductile fracture

                                                             In winter
                                                             cold metal does not give itself away,
                                                             fracturing only on impact.
                                                             This is based on
                                                             low-temperature ductility.

                                                             In fact,
                                                             had the Titanic's hull been reinforced,
                                                             ice may never have pierced
                                                             her steel shell.

                                                             In space,
                                                             metals that brush shoulders
                                                             stick together permanently.


(It is a bitter concoction of voyeurism and carnage that draws you and me together as fine strands
of hair cluster and huddle at the gates of a shower drain, until they are plucked or suckled away.)


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