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Home Cooked Diamond 22
Thomas Fink


The who of which? 
                                                            Namesake           inflation 
                                                      doesn’t                   hold. “Miss 
                                                   tennis? I                       bet you do. 
                                                Larry                                 Karter & I 
                                             played                                  against Bob
                                          by Riggs                                  &  his  son. 
                                       We split                                 sets.  He was 
                                    a   world                              champion. Slice
                                  serve.                                   Lob  with  top
                                spin. His                              son’s not  that
                              good;  it’s                            his  stepson.” 
                            That’s 1967                         we’re  drop
                          ping in  on.                         My  actual  
                       son— the                            guy  to my
                     left here—                          lacked  in
                  clination &                          DNA  for  
                the  family                        trade. Never                          
              dressed like                      me, even on 
            the  court.                      Yes, I put the 
          business to                    sleep: global
        ization (out                 sourcing) shut 
      it down just                 when  he 
an MBA.



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